Red Wing Area Fund's projects fall into two distinctive areas. Download Annual Report
1) Projects initiated by the Red Wing Area Fund and
2) Support for other community projects (VIEW)

Projects of the Red Wing Area Fund:

The Sheldon Theatre
Red Wing's "Jewel Box"

Our 1904 T.B. Sheldon Theater was in poor condition and unsustainable as a movie house in the early 1980's when its Board of Directors accepted our Fund's offer of a "feasibility study" In 1985 the decision was made to transform the theater back to its original grandeur. The Red Wing Area Fund provided the Sheldon Board with professional fundraising leadership and participated in the project leadership. Over $3,000,000 was raised; half privately and half in a public referendum.

Capital Drive: $748,155
Annual Support: $2,457,000

Total: $3,365,155